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Sludge treatment and Utilization via Microbial Protein Extraction


This process targets at wastewater sludge produced from municipal wastewater treatment facilities. The principle of the process is to use hot alkaline hydrolysis to cause cell lysis, releasing the cell content, including protein and water, into the solution. The byproducts of the process are protein solution and residual sludge after liquid-solid separation. The protein solution is concentrated by evaporation and used as foaming agent. The residual sludge can be used directly as landscaping soil or aggregates for building materials, or it can be reprocessed to produce soil conditioner or organic fertilizers. Comparing to conventional sludge treatment processes, our process has the following advantages:

  • Process can be tailored to suit specific needs of each individual customer
  • Short treatment duration
  • Small land occupancy
  • Low capital investment and low operational costs
  • High value-added products
  • Zero waste emission
  • The application of our process brings enormous social and environmental benefits. These benefits can be demonstrated by the following statistics (assuming treating 10,000 tons of sludge). 

    Comparing to landfill, our process can save 15 acres of land and 4000L of fuel (assuming 20km distance from the landfill). Comparing to incineration, our process can save 700 tons of coal additives, which directly leads to SO2 and CO2 emission reductions of 2.4 tons and 1,400 tons, respectively. 

    If we assume 10% of the annual sludge production across China (300 million tons) uses our technology, we can save 4500 acres of land and 175,000 tons of coal, comparing to incineration. We will directly reduce SO2 and CO2 emissions by 600 tons and 350,000 tons, respectively. In addition, we can recover 190,000tons of protein solution (30%) and 100 million tons landscaping soil. 

    Sludge Treatment and Utilization via Microbial Protein Extraction was evaluted as an international-leading technology by the science and technology achievement appraisal organized by the Science and Technology Bureau of Tanggu Administrative Commission of Tianjin Binhai New Area. The appraisal certificate serial number was S(2011)002. So far, this technology has applied 4 State Invention patents and 1Utility Model patent.



    High-efficiency Recycling and Reutilization Technology for Construction waste


    This process uses our proprietary crusher to reprocess the construction wastes into aggregates in the sizes of 25-12mm、12-8mm、8-4mm、4-2mm、2-0.3mm、0.3mm. After stringent testing and analysis, our recycled products can be classified as coarse aggregates, fine aggregates and powder and are used in a wide range of applications. 

    Our process integrated many innovative technologies, such as pulse dust collector, wind screening, and electrical control. These technologies have ensured our process achieving national environmental standards. Our process is featured by the low dust and noise levels, as well as small land requirements and high production rate. All of these features make our process especially suitable for both cities and rural areas. In order to ensure the purity of the produced aggregates, the production line is equipped with soil removal, metal removal and wood chip separation facilities. Every production line only requires 3-4 operators. The return period of such a production line is approximately one year under normal circumstances. The cost for producing each ton of recycled aggregates is only 13-15 RMB, which is a 75% cost saving comparing to using normal aggregates. The cost can be reduced even further if a high mixing ratio (70%) of recycled aggregates is used. Most importantly, using recycled aggregates can greatly reduce the extraction and production of virgin materials, as well as the energy and fuel consumption during the transportation process. 




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