Yuchuan Group R&D Center provides technical support and services for all subsidiaries companies of the Group. It is a center for new technology innovation, existing technology upgrade, standards and guidelines development. Yuchuan Group R&D Center is a communication window for Yuchuan Group which links industry, academia and research. The R&D center has a strong research team with many researchers holding PhD or master degrees. The R&D Center also established an external expert team of professors from renowned universities provides supports and consultancies for the center. Currently the Center has established cooperative relations with many research institutes including Tianjin University, Tianjin Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security and Northeast Institute of Architectural Design. The R&D Center was also the inventor of our proprietary sludge protein extraction technology.


Yuchuan Group R&D Center
Tel: +86-022-66359891
Fax: +86-022-66359891
Address: #9168 Xinbei Road, Tanggu, Tianjin, 300451
Email: prd@tjycjt.cn
Website: www.yuchuan-env.com


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